Родословная / Pedigree Gabriel Bernard

WCh Efrat Stars Quality 

MCO ns

WCh Toreador vom Pommerland

 MCO es

 Classic Cat's Fidelis

 MCO d

 Ch Aramis de Maison-Madelis

 MCO e 22

 Kalenin Aslani Violet

 MCO fs

 Ziska vom Pommerland

 MCO fs

 Big Giants Chuk Noris vom Pommerland

 MCO as

 Josi vom Pommerland

 MCO fs

 ECh Honda Don COON*RU

 MCO ns 22

 GICh Big Giants Wellington

 MCO as 22 

  ECh Top Gun of Summerplace 

 MCO a

 Bossanova of Baydar

 MCO n 22 03

 Pillowtalk's Jowanka 

 MCO f 22

 Pillowtalk's Welcome

 MCO n 22

 Pillowtalk's Octavia

 MCO f 09 22

 Vilarokiss Gyusha Garbo

 MCO f 22

 Justcoons Glen Grant

 MCO n 22

 Justcoons Don Carleone

 MCO n 22

 Barneo Des Shags of Saskatoon

 MCO n 22

 Langstteich's Devil-May-Care 

 MCO ns 03

 Benita of Forest Shadow

 MCO f 22

 Lawriders Daywalker

 MCO a 22 03

 King of Lion's Newada 

 MCO es 22

 Gonsior Line*RU Lalique

 MCO f 22

 Hard Rock Krasniy Dar 

 MCO n 22 03

 ICh It's Wildcat Ken Koon 

 MCO n 22

 Teat-A-Teat Krasniy Dar 

 MCO fs 03

 Pillowtalk's Rastafari

 MCO f 23

 Pillowtalk's Marascino

 MCO d 22

 Pillowtalk's Do Do

 MCO f

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We are happy to present our babies from litter "C". Kittens are 2,5 months now. Babycoons from Eddie and Kuma are extremelly colorful, charismatic with wonderful ears position and great curiosity. You can get acquainted with them better in kittens section.


Litter C

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