Родословная / Pedigree Sharm World El Dorado

ICH Summerplace Nordic Ice

MCO e 23

Mainefield's Gallegher

 MCO ds 23

 Langstteich's T'El Corazon

 MCO a

 Langstteich's Talisman

 MCO n

 Langstteich's P'Elektra

 MCO as 23

 Mainefield's Amelie Poulain

 MCO fs 23

 Mainefield's Camelot

 MCO ds 23

 Island in the Sun the Purfect Coon

 MCO ns

 Summerplace Fairy-tale

 MCO f

 Summerplace Willow

 MCO ns

 Q's Blue Bear of Magic Love  

 MCO as

 Summerplace Panthera

 MCO ns 23

 Summerplace Queasella 

 MCO g

 Shanty's Hijacker*DK 

 MCO d 23

 Casey of Koi Pond 

 MCO f 23

 Sharm World La Fayette

 MCO f 03

 Langstteich's Evviva Tillis

 MCO as

Langstteich's Wild Blue Scorpio

 MCO as

 Big Kitty Wild Lover

 MCO a

 Langstteich's Sierra Nevada Blue 

 MCO as

Langstteich's WL'Evviva

 MCO a 22

 Big Kitty Wild Lover

 MCO a 

 Emy-Shou Vom Moenchswalder

 MCO f 22

 CH Sharm's World Hakuna Matata Apache

 MCO f 03

 ICH Alwaro Gold Boy 

 MCO d 22

 DK Alon's Lord Luca

 MCO ns

 I'Priscilla Alwaro*PL

 MCO f 22

 CH Pillowtalk's Noelle

 MCO f 23 03

 Dark Cocoon Apache white Socks

 MCO n 03

 Pillowtalk's Tarot

 MCO f 22 03

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We are happy to present our babies from litter "C". Kittens are 2,5 months now. Babycoons from Eddie and Kuma are extremelly colorful, charismatic with wonderful ears position and great curiosity. You can get acquainted with them better in kittens section.


Litter C

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