Родословная / Pedigree GranPatron's Q-Nizza

 CH Belmicooon's Iron Raven

 MCO n

 Exel Koci Zaulek*PL

 MCO d 09


 Langstteich's Nu'Gangway
 MCO a 09 23

 Langstteich's N'Xalibur

 MCO es 09

 Langstteich's Genoveva

 MCO ns 22

 D*Alpha Cat's Harmony

 MCO fs 09

 Alphacat’s Blizzard

 MCO ds 09

 Alpha Cats En Vouge

 MCO f 09 22


Langstteich's Nu'Do'Ribana

MCO ns


 Langstteich's Nu'Merus

 MCO ns 22

 Langstteich´s Number One

 MCO d 22

 Langstteich´s H Genoveva

 MCO ns 22

 Langstteich's New-Blue Dominica

 MCO a

 Langstteich P'Non Plus Ultra

 MCO as

 Langstteich's Sierra Nevada Blue

 MCO a

 Z-Chocolate Saltus Zahrabske

 MCO fs 23 03

 ICH Skysupernova Vintage

 MCO ds 03 23

 Starsupernova Santos

 MCO ds 09 22

 Versus Shogun of Supernova

 MCO ns 09 22

 General Coon Darshan

 MCO f 22

 Starsupernova Thelma

 MCO f 09 23

 Justcoons Cross Fire

 MCO d 09 23

 Supernova Miss Costa Rica

 MCO f 09 23

 ICH Ivory Vitorones Coons

 MCO n 22

 One of the Best of Koi Pond

 MCO n 22

 WCH Willowplace Number One

 MCO n 22

 Uptown Girl of Koi Pond

 MCO n 22

 Maine Coon Dynasty Pandora

 MCO n 22

 Maine Coon Dynasty Touch Down

 MCO n 23

 Arctic Coon's Origo Bluestar

 MCO a 22

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We are happy to present our babies from litter "C". Kittens are 2,5 months now. Babycoons from Eddie and Kuma are extremelly colorful, charismatic with wonderful ears position and great curiosity. You can get acquainted with them better in kittens section.


Litter C

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