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We welcome you on the web pages of Maine Coon cattery Caterham! Here you can learn about the Maine Coon breed and its history, get acquainted with our pets, find and buy Maine Coon kitten, and ask any question about this wonderful breed!

caterhamCaterham cattery is located in the Moscow region, about 40 km from the capital. Our Maine Coon cattery is registered in the WCF system (№7328-2015). Our family loves animals, so they accompany us the whole life. When we firstly have met the Maine Coons and our beloved boy has entered our family, we have completely "unnoticed" (like many other fans of this wonderful breed) realized the desire to surround ourselves with these sinerical big cats.

Our Maine Coons live with us in a big house, and are fully competent and infinitely loved family members. Living with these furry giants is full of emotions! You can never feel lonely: they will help with cooking, will wait for you from sauna, and, for sure, will help with book reading. It is worth noting that when in our house has been only one Maine Coon cat, we have never needed to call or look for him, he has always discreetly accompanied us.

We are trying to create favorable living conditions for our Maine Coons, in both terms: physical and mental. They are free to travel within the boundaries of our cattery anywhere, surrounded by care. Our cats eat Holistic class food, as well as fresh meat. Since our cattery is located out of the town, in private ownership, our pets are not deprived of the joys of spying on birds, walks under our supervision, and feeling of being formidable predator. That ensures that all our animals have a balanced and sociable character, but with their own special and unique features.
In our opinion, it is hard to unify breed representatives’ characters, because despite the fact that our cattery is small, there are very colorful and different “persons”. However, it is possible, for sure, to assert that Maine Coons are not aggressive, not conflict and inquisitive animals. Despite their impressive size, Maine Coons do not eat more than other domestic cats with the same lifestyle. Many people at first think that keeping these giants at home is very difficult, but in fact, the Maine Coon cats are quite unpretentious, their fur does not molt much, and requires the most basic care.
The purpose of our cattery is giving birth to healthy Maine Coon kittens with appropriate breed standards and a stable psyche. In addition, we would like our kids to find the best home, because we care about their fate! We hope that on our pages, you can find a true furry friend, get acquainted with our pets and us. We are happy to answer all your questions!

Sincerely yours,
Caterham Maine Coon cattery!

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